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Private Equity & Angel Investments can provide early stage angel investment and smaller private equity investment, either acting on our own or more often as part of an investment syndicate.


We may invest on a arms length basis, investing with no further management involvement. More often we invest where we believe we can add value and either take a Board position or work with the management team on a more informal basis.


Our current investments include:

Registered Address : 26 Cassiobury Park Avenue, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD18 7LB. Company registration number 5183369

Flexible investment solutions

Igloo Property Investments, involved in the conversion and renovation of four listed Regency houses in Hastings into high quality appartments.


Managed Pressure Operations based in Singapore, Texas, Dubai and Jakarta, providing patent technology to the oil and gas industry.


Silent Edge, the leading Uk provider of sales force management services, including objective evaluation, reporting and training.


Scour Prevention Systems, have patented and are bringing to market the only effective solution to the problem of scour around offshore structures including turbines and cabling.